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KOC Partners with Behind Enemy Lines Paintball for Fundraiser Event


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KOC Partners with
Behind Enemy Lines Paintball
for Fundraiser Event 




Partners with Carolina Speedway and Behind Emeny Lines Paintball

GASTONIA, NC – September 29, 2014 – Southern Belle Marketing, LLC, along with Carolina Speedway, Behind Enemy Lines Paintball, and Broad River Media announced today that they will be hosting the 1st Annual “Molly Grants a Wish” Fundraiser at Behind Enemy Lines Paintball from 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. on Saturday, October 18, 2014.

“Molly Grants a Wish” was founded in September 2014 after the tragic accidental death of Molly Elizabeth Justice, who was only 19-months old. Although Molly was so young, her life has impacted so many in such a short amount of time and with her parents making the decision no parent should have to make, they made the decision to give life to other children through Molly and donated her organs. Several children had their wishes granted after receiving their transplants and all of this is because of Molly, along with her loving parents Casey and Amber Justice. In an effort to continue to help others the Justice family, along with family and friends created the “Molly Grant a Wish” Foundation, in which their mission is to increase organ donation education and awareness, as well as help facilitate financial assistance each year to other families and parents who are awaiting organ donations for their children or have recently received a transplant.

Click Here To Read More and Visit the Carolina Speedway Website

Click Here For More On Molly Grants A Wish And To Register For The Event

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Our Videos Coming Soon!

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Our Videos Coming Soon!

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